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Ohio's Pandemic EBT Program: Food Funds for Children Missing School Meals Read more news...

Ohio's Pandemic EBT Program: Food Funds for Children Missing School Meals

Learn more about Ohio's Pandemic EBT Program and access resources from our webinar on May 29th

AOF teamed up with organizations from across Ohio to spread the word about the new Pandemic EBT program that will provide $254 million in food funds to families with children who are missing out on school meals due to COVID-19.

We hosted an informational webinar on May 29th that included an overview of the program including frequently asked questions, what school districts are doing to inform parents, and special efforts needed to reach specific populations, such as immigrant families, children in foster care, and families with unstable housing.


We’ve also included QUESTIONS & ANSWERS we didn’t get a chance to answer during the webinar.

The Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer (P-EBT) Program was authorized by Congress on March 18, 2020. Ohio’s P-EBT Plan received federal approval on May 12. The P-EBT Program provides grocery money to families whose children were receiving free/reduced-price meals at school.

In Ohio, no application is required for P-EBT. The Ohio Dept. of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) and Ohio Department of Education (ODE) identified 850,000 eligible children for a total of $254.5 million in federal nutrition aid.

  • 60% of these children currently receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • 40% of eligible children live in “non-SNAP” households and will receive a P-EBT card in the mail

Children eligible for free/reduced-price meals as of March will receive a one-time issuance of $302.10. Children who became eligible in April will receive $239.40.

Children in SNAP households (if match succeeded) – P-EBT funds will go on their existing Ohio Direction Card.

Children in Non-SNAP households – New P-EBT cards will be mailed to the address provided by the child’s school district (as of 4/29/2020).

P-EBT funds will be issued by the end of May. P-EBT cards should arrive in the mail by mid-June.