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OhioSPEAKS is a collection of stories from everyday Ohioans that illustrate how investments in health and human services strengthen families and communities in Ohio. Read more Tell your story This browser does not support the OhioSPEAKS map view, so a list is shown in its place. Update your browser if you’d like to use the map view!

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  • The City Mission Cuyahoga

    They [our clients] are able to better parent, they’re able to maintain employment, and that’s really our goal – to help our clients to move to a place of self-sufficiency

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  • “I wouldn’t be able to help people as I do without my own medical treatment, my own healthcare, and without Medicaid.”

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  • Charles McClinon Hamilton

    “I was ecstatic, I was relieved … and I went and called my family and said ‘I finally have got coverage. I don’t have to worry about whether I’ll have coverage for my medicine and for my care’.”

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